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130501 - Twitter - Zelo 


시크릿 선배님 스톼일~~~~!!!!!! RT : 시크릿 (SECRET) - YooHoo M/V

~~~~!!!!!! RT : SECRET - YooHoo M/V 

[INFO] ZELO at school 

a few tidbits about zelo at school recently (note: it’s hard to truly confirm these, so take it with a grain of salt!):

  • April 14 - Zelo went to school, and everyone asked for his autorgraph (via: wezelo, source: deeseoul).
  • April 25 - second day of Seoul Performing Arts High School midterm exams, and “Zelo sunbaenim drew a dinosaur on the back of his exam paper” (source: 트위티).
  • April 30 - The teacher scolded Zelo and Ricky for being late to class because when the bell rang, they were at mini market buying snacks (via: bap indo, source: deeseoul).
  • April 30 - Zelo took a few pictures for the school yearbook with Teen Top’s Ricky and Boyfriend’s Minwoo, Kwangmin, and Youngmin as celebrities in the school (via: wezelo, source: deeseoul).

[INTERVIEW] Part 1: B.A.P Youngjae’s Photo Story  


Among the boy groups who had a shining aura to them, a 6-member idol group made their debut with a ‘strong’ sense to them last January of 2012. The protagonist? None other than B.A.P. They made their appearance as charismatic messengers with their rough masculinity and created a grand performance through their debut song ‘Warrior,’ which had a strong and fast beat, capturing the hearts of female fans. Also for a rookie idol group, they held a successful debut showcase at the Seoul Jangchung Gymnasium and showed their potential. They recently passed their one year since debut as they held their first solo concert after 394 days since debut and showed a fast growth spurt than other idol groups. In this upcoming Naver Sat Column, part 1 will consist of an introduction of the members and photos that Youngjae took himself, part 2 will be from the perspective of Himchan who plays the role of the mom in the group, and part 3 will comprise of what the magnaes Jongup and Zelo want to say to their older hyungs. You can draw the humanistic side of the members that was hidden away from their strong image that they present on the stage, the efforts of wanting to be a step closer to the public being fruitful. 

Hello, this is B.A.P’s main vocal Youngjae! We’re able to introduce ourselves through Naver Star Column as well^^ In the first episode, I’m going to reveal the photos that I took myself of the members. I always took interest in taking photos and suddenly revealing the photos I’ve taken through my personal camera is slightly embarrassing now. Haha. Also~ Shall we go through an introduction of the members through the photos of them

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