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한정판 젤로를팝니다. ㅍ.. 수량 : 1 


Selling limited edition Zelo. p.. quantity : 1 

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"Only prepared people can grasp onto opportunities, and I believe the sooner you grasp onto those opportunities, the faster you can succeed." — Zelo’s Photocard Message for One Shot (via neukki)

[Comeback Stage!] 130217 B.A.P - "Rain Sound" + "One Shot" @ SBS Inkigayo

[TRANS] 130217 - B.A.P SOTY Interview - Zelo 


Q: What do you think about noona fans?

Zelo: Uh- First off, there are fans who are younger than me, and fans who are older than me, but I’m thankful to everyone for liking me, without discriminating whether or not they’re noona fans.

Q: How old can you go up to?

Zelo: I never really thought about that, I think I just like them all.

Q: Which member goes on the fancafe the most or has the most love for fans?

Zelo: All of us- we all have extreme love for our fans. 

Q: But if you had to pick one member?

Zelo: (In the middle of thinking) ….Erm…. … … Me?! ^____^

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